Securable Alternatives, LLC

Acts of violence, suicide, theft, and other threats occur too frequently in society and effect millions of people each year. Post incident reports reveal that warning signs were present before a majority of these acts which prompts this question:

If we can find the Red Flags in Post Incident Reports, then why can’t we can find them in Pre-incident Reports first.

One person can always predict when an act violence will occur, that person is the perpetrator. The perpetrator will over the course of years, months, weeks or days, leak information or “Red Flags” that indicate their pending act of violence.

Securable Alternatives focuses in on these Red Flags and “Key Threat Indicators” or KTI’s that exist in our schools, places of worship, the workplace and our communities and works to identify those behaviors and characteristics of the Pathway to Violence.

A new tactic is needed, we must adopt a methodology that embraces Data Driven Decision making and allows us to collect, inspect and connect the “KTI’s” and Red Flags as threats emerge.


We have a choice:

We can continue down the Status Quo path of doing the same thing over and over again of relying on traditional measures only to produce more Post Incident Reports


We can choose an Alternative Path to Prevention that can produce Pre-incident reports to help identify the Red Flags sooner allowing you to intervene before violence escalates.

Given the choice, most people would prefer to prevent an act of violence rather than react to it.

All you have to do now is reach out and ask how!

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Securable Alternatives is a disrupting force! we will disrupt violence and other unwanted acts where and when possible!

We know that not every act of violence can or will be prevented or disrupted, but that won’t stop us from trying. Will you allow it to stop you?