Securable Alternatives, LLC
Securable Alternatives, LLC
Analzying Past Threats | Disrupting Current Threats | Focused on Future Threats

Simplified. Measurable. Affordable. Researched. Trusted.



Our vision is to make safety and security as simple as possible, at the same time, create a positive climate allowing all people everyday to be their best.


Our mission is simple, improve the security decision making process, prevent or reduce the amount of violence and to help identify the warning signs of violence.

How will we do this?


We will draw upon our 23 years of unique industry experience and perspective gained from being an end user, an integrator, a consultant and a public safety professional.


Deliver services that are relevant and affordable to schools so their students and staffs can all benefit.

Whether you need site surveys, threat assessments, active shooter survival protocol or threat intelligence, we can help.


Partner with other industry leaders and award winning platforms that provide more than just solutions, we will provide actionable intelligence.


Innovate and share new ideas that focus on the root cause of challenges in our schools. We will always put the problem first and then work with you to identify proper and meaningful solutions.


We do not and will not replace your current safety and security initiatives!

We will however greatly enhance and improve what you are currently doing to provide safety and security to your operation!

All while being affordable and easy to deploy, who wouldn’t want that?


“A great learning environment starts with a safe and secure learning environment”

Jason Destein - Owner



Our history in Safety and Security dates all the way back to the late 1970’s when Owner and Chief Data Evangelist Jason Destein was on the O’Hara Elementary School Safety Patrol. School safety and violence prevention has always been, and continues to be, a passion for Jason.