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When it comes to Physical Security, we understand your need for simplicity & options

Here is a list of services we can provide you with or help you obtain.


We fully understand that you may have multiple safety and security needs in your school district and for that reason we wanted to share what we can do to support that.  With over 22 years in the security industry and our experience as an end user integrator and consultant, we understand how to survey a site for multiple needs.  We can objectively survey the following areas for:

  • CCTV / Access Control

  • Security Assessment

  • Data Assessments

  • Threat Assessments

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Site Survey

  • Team Capability


If you are looking to install or add Video Surveillance or Access Control or Intrusion Alarm technology to your district but unsure of the best way to go about assessing the technology, obtaining the right technology and designing the system and further have a tough time trusting providers to give you an honest assessment, we can help.  We are unbiased and objective in our approach and do not sell technology so we have no gain in the size of the design.  We can come in and work with you to understand your true needs and concerns, help you design the right system for you and then work to find the right partners to install the appropriate systems or policies and procedures.

We have created a “Video Surveillance Selector Form” which you can download below after subscribing to our list. This form will save you valuable time, money and effort while providing assurance that you now have more control over the process and that someone else will not be telling you what you need on their terms. You can now take control of the process and make more informed choices and provide better Video Surveillance to your buildings.

Of course we are always here to help, if you have questions, please feel free to reach out and ask!


Maybe you just want an outsiders opinion on certain security topics or a complete review of your districts safety and security efforts, we can help here as well.  It is our passion to see that you have the tools and resources you need to create a safe and secure learning environment.  We are prepared to help as much or as little as you need us to and allow you to choose how much help we provide.  If we help from the onset, we will review everything we do and will be as transparent as possible so you know what is going on.  


Finding the right partners to buy technology from and install the technology is not always easy and it can be difficult to trust some providers to give you an honest assessment and price.  We can be a valuable asset to you in this case, by coming in and listening to you and your needs, we can seek on your behalf solution providers.  We would bring in three or more providers and allow you to meet each one on one and determine which one meet your expectations.  Of course we will be with you the entire process to ensure the right questions are asked, that answers are provided, capabilities met and a true partnership can be established. By working with us at this phase, your savings will be further met as you will not get oversold on goods you don't need or won't use.