School Security

School security is extremely complex.

Securable Alternatives removes that complexity and provides you with services that are relevant and clear, allowing schools to provide a more secure learning environment for their students.

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It is time for a new approach to school security

There is an increasing amount of Threat Vectors facing our schools today and school based acts of violence and the usual methods security are not making the improvements our students need. It is time we changed our approach to school security! If we can identify the warning signs of violence after the act occurs, why can’t we identify the warnings before the act occurs? Securable Alternatives and Awareity have figured this out.

Securable Alternatives has fully embraced a new approach and is pioneering an innovative way to reduce school based violence. With our Threat Intelligence as a Service and the development of a Smart Platform Fusion Center, we can now help schools see what is truly happening in the school and what to be prepared for in the near future. The ability to anticipate what may occur is powerful and can give a school a distinct asymmetric advantage when providing for a better school climate.

We offer a wide variety of services to schools, all designed to accomplish the following:

  • Reduce School Based Violence

  • Develop Actionable Intelligence

  • Identify Threats and Warning Signs Faster

  • Eliminate Complexities

  • Improve the Purchasing Decision Making Process / Enhance ROI

  • Improve Budgetary Performance / Reduce Expenditures

  • Create a Secure Learning Climate

If you are a school leader, K-12 or Higher Ed, whose school is experiencing acts of violence, bullying, thefts or any other unwanted activity and spending tens of thousands of dollars every year only to see the same problems over and over again, YOU SHOULD CALL US! 844.732.2587

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you are ready for a different approach, we are a different company ready to help you and your students succeed!


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