Warning signs of violence are all around us, why do we miss them?

Your ability to create a safe environment for your students, employees, customers, patients or whom ever may be entering your premises, truly depends on what safety and security data you collect and use to your advantage.  If you are not collecting that data, then you are most likely on a path to an adverse event that you will not see coming.  Collecting data can and will provide you with an accurate picture of your safety and security environment, having this information will also provide you with greater decision making power especially when it comes to how you spend money of countermeasures.

We help identify those signs of school based violence before it is too late


We will work with you to identify potential threats and collect the right information, assist is inspecting and investigating that data and further help in connecting the data to a potential target allowing you or law enforcement to intervene before adversity happens.  We will help you see the warning signs.

wep trend.png

Data has a major role in reducing school threats and is often the most overlooked resource.  We make data the central component in mitigating potential threats.  Whether you want to mitigate bullying, active shooter, assault or any other unwanted action, the data collected can be the answer to long term success.  

We take a different approach when it comes to safety and security, we don’t use the traditional methods of deploying expensive technologies that are more reactive in nature.  Rather, we use Alternative methods that focus on data, analysis and proactive prevention. 

It is our mission to help you Understand, Anticipate and Adapt!


You will gain a holistic safety and security program that will allow you to make smarter decisions, act faster and identify future challenges.  In addition to creating a safer and more secure environment for students and staff, you will save time and a lot of money, perhaps you can further improve the overall education of your students by creating a better learning climate!


Trending analysis / activity mapping | Soft Target Hardening (traditional / non traditional) | Vulnerability Identification / Threat Awareness | DoT's (Discovery of Threats) | Prevention Strategies / Proactive Preparedness | Staff Training / Student Training | Technology Evaluations | Resource Amplification | Site Survey | System Design | Student / Teacher Safety - Security Survey | Alternatives in Funding School Security |


Active Shooter / Assailant | Bullying |  Vandalism | Theft | Weapons on campus | Drugs on campus | Assault | Hazing |  and dozens of other unwanted adverse activities.


K-12 (Public - Private) | Higher Education | Vocational | Career Colleges |


A K-12 School District with limited resources, limited budget, struggling to understand the school security environment and keep to up with all the challenges - You should reach out and see what we can help you accomplish!