Have you thought about the benefits of a Red Teaming Service?

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Challenging Assumptions

Ethical and Affordable Red Teaming

We think like the bad guy to identify vulnerabilities before the real bad guys do! 

Identifying threats is not easy, but there are ways to do it without over complicating things, Red Teaming is a great way to do that! The best definition I have found comes from Red Teams which they found at the UK Ministry of Defense and it reads "Red teaming is the independent application of a range of structured, creative and critical thinking techniques to assist the end user make a better informed decision or produce a more robust product."  Red Teams, Reciprocal Strategies, Red Shadow and a few others are some of the Red Teaming thought leaders I look too and follow as I think they are great critical thinkers. 

Critical thinking is often the most under utilized resource when it comes to safety and security but it is a resource that can more often than not solve many of the challenges we face in many environments.  Assumption and operational bias are two of the biggest threats that schools face today as these two areas often help create the conditions for adversity and the potential for violence.  When we assume our safety and security policies and procedures are working and everyone involved is executing them properly, is when we grow complacent.  There is an equation I use which looks like this: Complacency leads to Stagnation which leads to Predictability which leads to Vulnerability.  You see, when you become complacent, you tend to not make any changes as you feel things are working as they should.  When changes or improvements stop stagnation takes over and your entire operation falls into a comfortable and predictable routine.  Complacency is the ally of bad intent and when you become complacent you become vulnerable. 

When and individual or a group is in the ideation and planning phases, they are looking for areas to exploit and if it is a student or someone familiar with your school, then they more than likely see the areas of predictable routine and vulnerability.   If you are complacent and stagnant, you are predictable and vulnerable and this is not a good place to be!

Securable Alternatives offers our One Good Bad Guy Red Teaming Service to help you identify those areas of complacency, stagnation, predictability and vulnerability before the true bad guy exploits them for you. 

We will:

  1. Find openings and help you close them

  2. Utilize open source intelligence to gain insight

  3. Conduct visual and physical reconnaissance at your school to identify weak points

  4. Debrief at the conclusion of the project and work with you to make realistic recommendations

  5. Test your policies and procedures

  6. Be objective, unbiased and fair

We will not:

  1. Break into your buildings

  2. Break into your IT networks (we are not a cyber security company but if you need this performed, we can recommend companies who can do this work)

  3. Take down your systems

The goal is to:

  1. Help you improve your overall safety and security presence

  2. Provide for a better learning environment

  3. Raise your awareness

  4. Eliminate assumption, operational bias, complacency, stagnation, predictability and vulnerability

If you believe that everything is working as planned and your are comfortable with your current safety and security measures, ask yourself if you are complacent.

If you have not made any changes to your safety and security protocols, ask yourself if you are stagnant.

If you or your staff or students follow the same patterns everyday, ask yourself if you have become predictable.

If you are seeing conditions for adversity increase, ask yourself if you are vulnerable.

If you did or would answer yes to any of these questions, we should talk!

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