Is there an effective methodology for providing school safety and security? Yes

We follow and use the Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology to problem solving, while this might not be the typical use for DMAIC, the results may surprise you!

With applied Critical Thinking, Securable Alternatives can provide this methodology to you and help you develop smarter prevention techniques, deliver a safer and more secure learning environment, obtain and deploy countermeasures more effectively all while saving you time and money. 



Simply saying there is a problem is not enough to effectively develop a true solution. Before any solution is accepted, a problem must be clearly defined and understood. What is the root cause? What are the contributing factors? If a serious effort is going to made to deploy a solution, then every attempt should be made to uncover the core of the problem. There is a proper way to accomplish this and with the use of critical thinking and the right method, we can help you define not only the problem but your capabilities to counter the threat.

If you incorrectly define the problem, the problem will incorrectly define you! Is this a cost you are willing to pay?

We cannot continue to put the solution before the problem!

trends 1.png


Once you can correctly define what it is you want resolved or mitigated, it should be measured with a thorough amount of essential data points that will deliver valuable information allowing you to act upon. This should not be a cumbersome project, but a streamlined approach designed to extract key the right points of data. You can categorize data in good, better, best format knowing that the best data will provide for the best results!

Data is the foundation for all threat prevention efforts, without smart data we will always react to adversity!



The next step in our method is to help you analyze the data that has been collected. This data can incorporate everything from the potential threat element to your capabilities to counter the threat. Is there an existing threat? You won’t know until you properly look at the data, understand its history and meaning and identify trends that indicate a threat exists. If you receive a tip indicating a potential threat is imminent, you can use the data collected to enhance the value of the tip thus making your efforts more meaningful. There could be several data points to examine, our role is to streamline this effort and find the right information to maximize your ability to remove the threat.



To truly make a difference in the School Safety and Security environment, we have to be bold and unafraid to try something new, something that has not been done before. If what you are doing today is not working, then explore a different approach, but either way, you can’t something if you do not how or where or why it is broken. It is imperative to understand the root cause of the problem in order to make any improvement. Whether you want to improve the safety and security posture at your school or district, the safety climate of your school or just how you go about providing the safest learning environment, we can help you make these needed improvements.



You have done all this hard work to define, measure, analyze and improve the overall safety and security of your school, but how you maintain and control that improvement is equally crucial as the other steps. You can not afford to overlook this step in the process, for any improvement to work it has to be controlled and monitored, both for the short and long term. Your ability to continue collecting data on the conditions in your school that lead to adversity, your ability to continue measuring and analyzing will be paramount in any effort to maintain the improvements. This is an ongoing process and can not be neglected. Training your team to be diligent in this effort is needed