The Alternative Path to Prevention

Violence Prevention Reimagined

The more you know, the more you can prevent!!!

We pride ourselves on new thinking

Domain 1 is the section of the “pathway to violence” timeline that is observed just before violence strikes. Typically you may have hours or minutes or no notice of the pending violence. This domain relies heavily on technology such as cameras, door locks, window film and other such technologies designed to alert you that violence is occurring. While these are needed technologies, if not properly supported our utilized, reaction to violence is likely to occur. We can help you maximize your efforts in domain 1, but there will always be a component of reaction as violence is likely already in progress.

Domain 2 is the section of the “pathway to violence” timeline that is observed in the months, weeks or days leading up to an act of violence. This domain relies on a mix of technology that is also supported by data allowing for more informed decisions to be made. While this domain is preferred over domain 1, there are still areas for improvement. In domain 2, decision making is still somewhat disconnected and investigations are very lengthy making intervention or prevention difficult.

How we will help

We will come in and:

  • Listen to your concerns and your goals

  • Assess for:

    • Threat / Risk / Vulnerability

    • Conduct Site Survey

    • Current capabilities

      • Technology

      • Team

    • Review budget allocations

  • Identify vendors

  • Determine best starting point

In the Alternative Path, we introduce Domain 3 and explore and dissect the pathway to violence in a new light. By taking this approach we can potentially add months and even years to the prevention process saving you money and more importantly lives