All the warning signs were there, why did we not connect the dots?

I do not pretend to be an expert of predicting violence, but this shooting was foreseen by so many people that knew this shooter.  Story after story has come out from various students stating that they are not surprised by this shooters actions and some have even predicted that he would be the one to do such a thing.  I am not here to debate guns and gun control, but I do think we need to have a conversation on what information needs to be shared and when! 

At one point in my career, when I was struggling to figure something out, one of my truly great managers told "you are either unwilling or unable to figure it out".  Now, I knew I had the ability, but I clearly lacked the willingness, sometimes you need someone to give you some blunt feedback.  Why is this story relevant? Well, with all of the signs out there, with this shooting and others like it, were we unwilling or unable to connect the dots.  I have to believe we have the ability, we connect dots everyday in other aspects of our lives, so why would this area be any different, people were not surprised by this shooters actions telling me that we saw the dots. 

I am left with unwilling, and I am baffled by this.  Why would we unwilling to connect these dots, is it perhaps that we do not know what these dots look like? Maybe.  I really think it has more to do with how to connect those dots and how to share them and with whom they should be shared with.  Are we unwilling to connect these dots because we won't like where they lead? maybe we are afraid of being accused ourselves of some form of hatred? maybe it is because we don't want to get involved.  Are we unwilling to share information because we think people will not believe what is being communicated, maybe we feel like nothing will be done about, maybe it is something else.  Regardless of how we break it down, we are failing to act on what we know will harm us or others, and that has to stop.

Right now, the Police are out in the community trying to piece together evidence and gather other critical information on why this shooting happened.  The Police are doing a great job, but they alone can't do it all, they need our help!

Maybe I am rambling and maybe I am just a bit mad listening to all of the stories about how much was really known leading up to this shooting.  Could this shooting have been prevented, maybe, minimized probably, either way we failed somewhere along the way.

The dots are out there, are you aware of any? if so what are you willing to do?

Jason Destein