With Threat Intelligence as a Service,

we can provide for a safer & more secure facility.

Here’s how


Every adverse action can be placed on a timeline and that timeline moves closer to adversity if we take no action.

We prefer to take action so taking this approach allows us to break down the threat and identify multiple points for mitigation.

If you collect data and store it somewhere, it does nothing for you, conversely if you collect data and use it the right way, it can work wonders for you.

First, we help you start collecting and organizing incident based data.

Second, we then help you identify the trends and investigate the behavior.

Third, you can now begin to anticipate what may happen next and adapt to the growing threat

Fourth, you are now in better position to intervene before the threat is carried out

Threat Intelligence as a Service at its core is:

The systematic and evidence-based practice of identifying behavioral patterns exhibited by individuals that demonstrate the interest, motive, intent, or capability of perpetrating acts of aggression and or violence.

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OUR THREAT INTELLIGENCE AS A SERVICE is a fresh and new approach to School Safety and Security.  

It is based primarily on the collection and analysis of data that you are currently probably collecting today.  Data such as Bullying, Assaults, Gang Activity, Weapons and other unwanted actions that can and do occur in schools or facility is what we help you see in a more clear and concise manner.  You have a choice, you can continue down the path of relying on the traditional methods of school security and hoping nothing happens, or you can select an Alternative Future and identify the warning signs, take action and intervene before adversity occurs in your district.

We don't over complicate it, we simply take a more methodical and data driven approach to the problem

This is a practice rooted in Incident Based Data Collection and a practice that has been identified by the Department of Education for over 17 years.

If you want the ability to make more clear decisions regarding the safety and security of your students, then you need better information to make those more informed decisions!

There is so much more that goes into this method, and we are more than happy to conduct a deeper dive into this and share the benefits .  You can always find out more by contacting us!