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Red Flags are everywhere!

The problem we face today is that escalated acts of mass violence are increasing in schools, workplaces, houses of worship and public spaces.

Compounding this problem is the fact that we do not have a system in place that is capable of collecting this crucial information, connecting this information to the right people and further allowing for any data driven decisions to be made in order to prevent an act of violence or any other unwanted act.

The aggressor usually exhibits “Red Flag” warning signs often days, weeks, months and sometimes years before the attack. Why aren’t we able to prevent the attack then?

We have to reimagine how, where and when we prevent acts of violence.

It is more than clear that the same solutions we have been trying for years are not preventing these acts of mass violence, it is time for new and innovative ideas!

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Where do your violence prevention efforts start?

Securable Alternatives is focused on helping clients in Domain 3! While we can help across all domains, domain 3 gives you the best chance to protect what is mopst important.